Nocturnes : Nightly Music En Plein Air


A delight to read was Kazuo Ishiguro’s 2017 Nobel Prize winner named:

Nocturnes: Five Stories of Music and Nightfall

Five short stories, plotted in the various localities of the “western” world, a couple in which locations happen to be in Italy. Starts its account in Venezia, whoes initial main character’s “diminutive” is Janeck. Janeck, the street musician, instantly caught my attention as I could easily relate to the character in many aspects. Truthful to the places, one could not help ask if Ishiguro was directly involved in the situations despite the stories being fictional. Janeck for example goes through a common theme of mainy street artists living in Italy, being sweet, and sensible. He shows the similar qualities that repeat withing the many characters throughtout the book. Simply, fascinating with their inner dialogues; each seem to follow a similar pulsation for music, struggling who more and who less for their desires to strive. Respectfully capturing a reader’s heated attention (please note I am extremely sensitive in matters of “human attraction” <3), the author’s ability to cause one’s imagination to want passionate exchanges between the characters was well accomplish.

Despite, it’s nocturnal connotations. I enjoyed this book by the light of day, en plein air, sitting at nearby coffee shops, here, in this little Italian town where I find myself at. Being a tad bohème myself many of the character’s fustrations are/where that of my own. This book is a great read to accompagnate with various songs of important musicians whoes names where inserted throughout the book. Take Ben Webster for example,  the “Brute” from Kansas City, Missouri. He made great music!

(My book copy: Notturni Cinque Storie di musica e crepuscolo. Scritto da Kazuo Ishiguro, pubblicato tramite Einaudi (Torino) 2009 e 2010.)


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