Natural Remedies: To Heal the Heart.


From me to you:

  •  Have an expresso. Leave tips to the waitresses, and waitors despite Italian customs.  The receiver’s happy smile will create wonderful healing properties. Yes, it does work you just have to observe closely.
  • Set a book on the bench, and give it to the next person that happens to find it.
  •  Give compliments to everyone. Even if you have to be respectful by keeping the compliments to yourself. Feeling down in the dumps? Be kind to yourself, and compliment yourself too, and say “Sei bellissima!”.
  • Be  sensible: Have awareness of speech. Being the lover of sounds, languages, and poetry. I take extreme care of the meaning of words. (Yes, etumologia is so hip, and cool). What a person says tells alot about how well grounded they are with the surrounding world around them. Despite, I am a lover of Punk music. I refrain from cursing when mindful. I just rather say some lengthy borring sentences to get my thoughts across. Why is this? Because clear communication is our only hope I believe. Of course, we got to be humanly human at times too.
  • Have a healthy meditation with rose incense, and a pink rose quartz by yourside daily. The pink crystal, and the scent of roses work wonders.

To take into consideration: Complimenting is a great way of measurement when it comes to understanding insecurities in ourselfves, and of others. Use it as a way to measure your heartbeat.


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