Books are so unique from each other. Each with their own distinct intentions not one is ment to be without meaning. Both fiction, and non fiction represents a personal truth. When my sight came into contact with Alba I could not help by not being, somewhat urged to buy it because of the brillant hues of the imagery of it’s cover. The book named Seher in it’s original language; was written by Selahattin Demirtaş a Turkish politician, head of the democratic party HDP (Halkların Demokratik Partisi) durring his current unjust, detainment in a Turkish prison.

The read was not a difficult one, and as noticed was tended to give it’s readers an important message. Each narration was deeply written, and when one read its many short stories you can feel the persona’s message pass through your bones. Seher, with it’s twelve different stories sheds a light on realities of other places in this world that I barely knew of. Informing myself of various situations, and illuminating my personal desire for a different world this book touched me greatly. In contempt of the fact at times I need a perfect atmosphere to settle down with a book to read; I was able to Alba as I shopped for groceries, went to eat pizza, and in the park strolling. Causing my hands to tremble, and saddness to overtake me this book was bought to give me a reason to think. Giving me a motive to work harder to become truely emancipated.

(Book Scheda in Italian: ALBA by Selahattin Demirtaş, pubblicato in Italia tramite La Feltrinelli, 2018. Tradotto da Nicola Verderame)


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