Afrodita: When Bread is So Good.


It is so typical of people to refrain from bread. In a calorie counting crazed society, who would not be? To be truthful I never keep it around, and the same goes with the pasta.

So untypical for an Italian-American, I know.

Yet, there is this vision of mine similar like a personal wish. That wish is to have always fragrant, freshly baked bread at home, and to have a kitchen constantly running. The kitchen, a place of peace. A place, where people can learn to share a space. A place to master the senses, and refine that one most important quality called “patience”. Like a classroom of a school, a classroom as a kitchen, you do not necessarily need books to learn everything.

“Real soup is to the body what peace is to the soul.” – Isabel Allende

Aphrodite: A Memoir of the Senses, was written from a mature woman’s perspective of love, passion, and intimacy. Isabel Allende a well affirmed author, and journalist from Chile with many creations published, gave us this treasure of a book. The title dedicated to history’s most adored, goddess of the name Aphrodite. Who could not feel the attraction? The book contains the concoction of many things, as it expresses itself in a way to take it’s readers to many different scenarios, and wild places in the realms of love”making”. Obviously, one can not think a better way of making something as that of  making bread.

Not to be judgemental (it is not my intention), certain points of the book did seem to become slightly dull, and various ingredients are not explained well into depth. What saves me from not being distracted away from the book is the sense of how Isabel Allende transmits what I consider to be of foremost importance. The heart. The heart when it comes to making love, with making food, with eating, and so on. Her connection to her roots is immensely touching to make a person ponder. Love, food, and roots these three words can not help, but remind me of what is the most important things in life.

The book also have many quotes of poetry, so delightful, and uplifting each dedicated to that spicy subject. My favorite of Srngarakarika, Kumaradadatta in which if you want to read the exact poem you must do so by the book. This is not a place for spoilers. Containing a wide selection of recipes, many recipes, in which a person should try. The ones I did came out to perfection. My favorite recipe section is the part for salses.

That being said. Lets rejoyce ourself to food, and drip our bread into fountains of olive oil the same way we abbandon ourselfves to sincere passion. Food is precious, and with it the world is a better place.

I would like to thank the gentle woman from Chile that gave me this book. She knew I needed to read it. ❤



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