Visions of Amaruka, a Centuria D’Amore.


The poetry book Centuria D’Amore, adapted from Meghadūta, Amarusátaka, Caurapâñcâśikâis under the care of the Italian, Indology linguist, Daniela Sagramoso Rossella, and with the introduction of Giuliano Boccali is more than just a translated poetry book exclusive to love.  The captivating tale behind it’s creation is one mystery. That mystery being of the life of Amaru, a man whoes dead body was said to be entered by Adi Shankara.

Shankara, an Indian philosopher and theologian of the 8th century, as a celebist; in hopes to learn all about the subject of eroticisim spent 100 nights within the deceased Amaru’s body. In hopes to get a better understanding. To believe, or not to believe would be question of debate. There is not much information available. This piece of Sanskrit history is a collection filled with many vivid tales of passion, intrigues, fidelity, and so forth.

Of all books, this is a book I will forever keep. The reason is that my deepest, and most sincere memories of love comes from pondering, and contemplating this selection of poems. While I wish I could write more, as it being an interesting topic to be delve into. I will keep my personal thoughts simple, because obviously I am not an expert to type much.

( Book’s scheda: Diretto da Giuliano Boccali, Il Gange, 1989, Marsilio Editori Venezia, traduzione Sanskrito da Daniela Sagramoso Rossella)


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