Local Goodies, The Distant Tahiti, and Elle Italia.



What is in common between the magazine Elle Italia, a bowl of local grown nightshades, and Monoi De Tahiti? Not, much unless you have a vivid imagination to figure it out, but if you do happen to have one let us wonder one moment. Elle magazine originates from France of the 1940s. The ambigous fruit, Solanum lycopersicum, also nicknamed “The Apple of Love” by Queen Elizabeth I, derives from a distant time, and place. Monoi a product from Tahiti, a sacred oil, used by the French Polynesians. Happens to be a pleasantly scented oil, a product now you may find in many profumerie throughout Italy. Per fortuna!

So where are the connections? There are many, but lets save our rational thinking for other topics, like science, and go back to simplicity just to point one thing out.

That is the fine detail.

The fine details are the minute things, that for many can go unnoticed. They are the types of profumes we wear, the colors we prefer, that special coffee we enjoy drinking daily. They are the little things that many may not note as important, but in the sum reveal to us who we really are. Diverse people may go all their lives unaware the of the profound shape of words, the intonation of emotions, and the senses’ reaction to the vast enviroment in which we are emerged in. Yet, there are others, on the other hand that can feel through it to their own various degrees of personal perspective. Some can see the details of a dress, they can take notice of the interchanging values tween belief, and true worth. Then there are also some so keen, they are even capable to feel it in the food they eat.

Fine details are many, they are everywhere, just like the hue of the light that shatters from a light source. It is bound to affect you. Mine? The fine details that I intentionally  implement in my daily routine is a long list, because of the simple complexity of my nature. Along with reading Elle, and having a bowl of local veggies set like flowers on a table. My favorite detail is Monoi De Tahiti. It’s scent of Gardenia Tahitensis, the flower of the tropics, can easily take a person afar, and having myself yearn of distant lands. To imagine the flowers being freshly picked to then have wrap around one’s head for a lovely crown is a lovely imagery to dream about. It’s minute detail after a refreshing bath is a happy reminder of the beautiful details of life.


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