Vivid Grey, The Duomo of Milano, and Hip, High Fashion.



Being far from humble, Milan is somewhat discreet behind the vivid grey atmosphere that pertains to the city’s unique charm. Just as one arrives to Milano Centrale, the center train station, a visitor finds themselfves in the second most largest station of Europe, a focal point, connecting Northern Italy to various surrounding destinations. One should not be confounded when being drawn in, welcomed by the multitude of passing commuters, as it is the capital of the region of Lombardy. Of immense importance, already in the distant past, Milan, once was called Mediolanum. Conquered by the Romans in 222 a.C from the celtic ethnic group of dubbious origins named the Insubri. The city is now a melting pot of entrepreneurs.  Still currently part of the famous “industrial triangle” once formed with Genoa, and Turin. Today’s formation changed to Milan, Padua, and Bologna. Many Italian imigrates transfer themselfves from all parts of the country to this city in hope of  a better future.

Not a suprise, the city defined as one of the “Big Four” High Fashion Capitals across the globe along with Paris, New York, and London. Milan, to the newcomer may seem like a gigantic, open shopping mall. Where on every corner there is a business of some sort. Difficult to comprend for the non-adaptable, make shure to be hip, and up-to-date like the locals with Google Maps in your cellphone, on hand to guide you around. Milan is similar to  a labyrinth.

It took many centuries to complete the well-known, gothic cathedral of “Basilica cattedrale di Santa Maria Nascente”, known simply as The Duomo. The cathedral’s large dimensions of size far passes that of St. Peter’s Basilica of The Vatican City. Under the guide of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Milan’s first duke of Pavia. His desire to build a house of worship was inspired by the innovating European architectural modes of that time. Starting a quest to build the cathedral in the style called the Rayonnant Gothic, this style, pertaining to French architecture of the mid 1200s, and 1300s was new at that time. The cathedral was built with many other diverse designs in the course of ages, making it a historical landmark of a bizzare kind. You may wonder, how does it feel to be in the prescene of such piece of history? To be truthful, it bewildered me with the divine variety of detail of its “decor”. A person, like myself finding herself infront of such view could not help, and not succumb to a moment, resting speechless,  allowing myself to feel pleasantly ignorant.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, just near Piazza Duomo was my preferred place when visiting Milan. The structure built in 1867, representing within the context of imagination the era to perfection, had me dreaming to be an elegant contessa of the era walking, fashionably dress underneathe the tunnels. Now, being the location, of many bars, and restaurants whoes focus are clearly directed towards tourists. The historical library called Libreria Bocca, with a story dating back to 1775 is one of the oldest of Italy. It’s first location being in Torino opened by two brothers named Giovanni Antonio Sebastiano, and Secondo Bocca. I was glad to find myself casually in that place. The librarian, and the various client’s friendly manners, along with the shop’s creative interior design could not help cause me to have a smile on my face. Every writer would dream to sell a book in there!

Of course, like the majority of places you require more than a day of to be able to see it, and a life-time to know just a part. What I can state from a personal prespective, it is not difficult to become distracted by the shops when visiting Milan. Tempted by the many colors that contrast the vivid grey hues of the city, it is easy to forget to visit the historical monuments. So be hip, when in Milan do what the Milanesi do, in which I can truthfully say I have no clue.


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