Lake Orta’s Little Gozzano in Piemonte is a place full of ducks.

Residing within Piedmont, the well-known region of the city of Turin, there is a lake named Lago D’Orta. Lake Orta which is located on the region’s north-eastern border, confining Lombardy; is not too far from Lake Como. Having a length and width of 13,4 by 2,5 kilometers, anyone who decides to compare this lake with one of the larger neighbouring lakes like Lago Maggiore, will find that there is a vast difference. This gorgeous locale situated in the provinces of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, and Novara is a hidden jewl. The Lake’s Island of San Giulio dates back centuries, with its main historical development pertaining to the 4th century’s evangelization of the area. Far off from a short distance, with clear view of the Island, I along with a group of friendly acquaintances decided to go out to eat for dinner at Gozzano, right on Lago D’Orta.  Perfect for thoes of a sensitive nature, that do not need the eccentricities of architecture, and shops to feel a sense of wonder. The humble town with a population of little more than five thousand habitants, would have been quite silent if it was not for the local restaurant that attracted the nearby residents of various villages. Sitting at the table, with chairs situated on a pleasing patio, the place was lively. Tempted by the wonderful pizzas that passed by around me, I stayed true to myself by being healthy, and ordered a simple salad with sparkling water from a cool glass bottle. Enjoying that lovely, Italian evening amognst a happy conversation. Gozzano was nice and relaxing. If I get invited to go back soon I would be glad to, even though I have many other exciting destinations to go to on my Upcoming Trips List:

Lake Como, Lombardy

Florence, Italy

Monte Carlo, France

Rome, Italy

I can not wait!

Just so you know, because I love sharing stories. At one point in between laughter, and finding myself chomping away to rucket salad. I was taught a proverb Piemontese, that was completely unfamiliar to me:

(Che bello amo i proverbi!)

Al ris al nassa int l’aqua e ‘l mora int al vin.

Rice is born from water, and dies in wine.

As everyone knows Piedmont is famous for the extensive cultivation of rice. To visit this region without trying the renowned risotto called Panissa would be a pity. Slowly cooked  for many hours it is made out of beans, onions, red wine, lard, pork rinds, along with many other substantial ingredients. The Panissa is perfect for the cool autumn weather setting in. Do not worry about the extra weight, in the meantime enjoy yourself. If you do decide to wander to this part of the globe make sure to prepare yourself with fork, and spoon.

So why I did not order rice? I have no clue maybe next time I will! Rice is so delicious!

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