Vince Corso la bibliotherapista.



It is a job with a mission.

There are people out there who have a natural knack for solving cases. They can not help, but become rather involved with the affairs of others in hopes to help, whether it be for selfish intentions or not. Who could not blame these types of personalities for being this way?  We are social beings after all, so I can understand.

“Every Coincidence Has a Soul” by Fabio Stassi.

Vince Corso, a bibliotherapist, is one of these curious people. A character in the Italian author, Fabio Stassi’s book “Ogni coincidenza ha un’anima.” It’s Signor Corso’s job to help others. Prescribing books for his clients in need of bibliotherapy. Giving also a color “code” for every singular type of problem, white for work related problems, green for family, red for love, and so on. He is a simple man, who white collar people might consider a failure. Living in Rome, Italy, living a typical Roman life. The way he read sbooks is identical to his way of “reading” the people around him. With a natural ability for healing others, one day he finds himself amongst an odd puzzle. Similar to being like a detective, he was on a search to find out what was going on with regards to Giovanna Boldini’s brother. The brother, a man suffering an illness called Alzheimer, was a patient of Villa Delle Rose: Casa Di Riposo Per Anziani e Accoglienza Alzheimer. The therapist finding himself visiting him, and sharing the company of that affascinating old soul. Many little details unfold. Vince Corso could not help but wonder “What did thoese phrases ment?” as he ponders how a man so knowledgable of languages could, highly cultured, with a house so rich and ancient that he could lose it all along with his memories.

It is a pity that I can not seem to find this book in an English version online. Despite its need to intrique: the book is a nice, humble read that also highlights, from time to time, details in relation to the experience of living in Rome today. I have lived in Rome for many years, so I can say that I know the place well. It reminds me of (with a smile)  the various places that I visited during many instances of my life. I found the book downstairs at a coffee shop one morning this past week. The author is a friend of a close friend of mine. I can not help but feel happy to have read this book in which I have found another person whom I can relate to.

Above being said: Books are rather healing do you agree?

(Book scheda:  Ogni coincidenza ha un’anima by Fabio Stassi, 2018, Sellerio)


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