Giorgio Colli’s Greek Wisdom.

La Sapienza Greca I is the first book of three that was written.

Dioniso – Apollo – Eleusi – Orfeo – Museo – Iperborei – Enigma

Apollo, the adored God of Delfi and Delo, was the most honored of the ancient Greeks. He being the child of Leto, and Zeus. His Greek twin is Artemeide, the chaste goddess of hunt. His plant is laurel representing his solar nature. Apollo the divinity of music, truth, and poetry is one of the many interesting divinities that are the heart of this collection. Divided in various sections, the book takes into consideration various pieces of ancient texts to help its readers to get a better understanding of what Colli reveals to be the essentials behind the various cults. Paying attention while emphasising on the interiority of Dionysos and the exteriority of Apollo; through this book we are able to get a better understanding of a world so far from that of today whoes science we still bring forth. There are many names like Homer, Proclo, and also Pindar the optimistic greek poet of Thebes whoes quotes you will find in this collection. Despite Colli’s attentive choice of choosing fragments of texts easy for his readers to understand, you still might find yourself reading the book a couple of times just to get a better idea of the vast subject. A subject that I adore.

A quote from Athenaeus:

In general the ancient wisdom of the Greeks seem to be connected to the music. For this reason they would judge that the most musical, and the most wise of the gods was Apollo, and from the semi-gods Orpheus.

The Author:

Giorgio Colli was a Italian philologist, philosopher, and historian. Born in Turin Italy within the year 1917. He was also a professor of the University of Pisa teaching History of Ancient Philosophy. Obtaining a degree in Law in 1939, he made sure to focus continuing studying about the topic of his passion deciding to write his thesis on Political philosophy. Leaving a legacy of vast contribuitions, his interests in Schopenhauer, and Nietzsche gave him food for thought for many of his works. One in which they say to be his most important writings is the 1969, Filosofia dell’espressione.

 Io preferisco accogliere la contraddittorietà come documentazione di un personaggio inafferrabile. – Giorgio Colli

(My Book’s Scheda: Giorgio Colli, La Sapienza Greca I, Gli Adelphi)

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