Rice is delicious in Novara Italy.


Novara is above the water, admist grains of Rice.

– My silly quote of the day.

In Italy within the region of Piedmont there is a place to visit! It is Novara! Perfectly situated between the cities of Milan and Turin it is a quick trip by train from any two of these locations. Novara is distinguished for the production of rice, along with the habitant’s traditional frog dishes. That they love. It is a humble place in where today’s locals seems to rejoice because of the many festive events that are organized throughout the year.

The city of Novara’s history is a complicated one, invaded by Roman Legions that had arrived from Mediolanum (today’s Milan) around about 222 B.C. The legions took over the area from the Celtic past in which the city was founded on. Novara’s ancestors deriving from various populations like the Gauls Vertocomacori, and the Levi in a far away distant time was a place devouted to Greek cults. The occupatation of the Longobards in the late 500 Anno Domini influenced the religious culture of the place as it begain to adopt Christianity. The patron Saint, is still respected today by the locals in the Basilica di San Gaudenzio. The Basilica di San Gaudenzio was constructed in 1577 under the orders of Carlo V. The Dome of this church is 121 meters high, and is said to not have been ever truely finished intel the year of 1888. Throughout the centuries the place had went through alot of conflicts, sacked by Atilla the Hun, gone under the dominion of the  the Visconti, and been taken under Spanish control in 1600. The vast moments of history does not stop there. At one point this city was also a gift to Bona di Savoia, the wife of the duca Galeazzo Maria Sforza, to celebrate the birth of the their son named Gian in 1469.

Thankfully, gifts are still being made today at various ranges of price. – Me

If you are someone like myself, who does not spend much time behind the Tripadvisor, and so on. Be old fashioned, ask for advice as you sight-see. For sure someone will tell you to check out the the Castello Visconteo, or the Duomo Di Novara along with many other places to visit.


Thank you everyone who has patience with me with these late posts.


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