Seagulls have wings.

Jonathan Livingston Seagull

“Like everything else, Fletcher. Practice.”
― Richard Bach

 A text that has the ability to solicit a gentle awareness of  soft ponderings is the tender short story Jonathan Livingston Seagull written by the American author Richard Bach. The fable, a modest account of a rebellious Seagull named Jonathan, starts at the pace of high speed winds. Allowing the readers instantly to dive into the courageous flights of a self-driven bird. The brief book, developed through the author’s own personal passions and his own sense of inner philosophy. Jonathan the seagull has the inclination of being not quite similar to the rest of the flock. His diverse way of being leads him to exile. He passes a period of life solo, not one bit distracted by himself. Very determined to test his limits to get his message across. We can find that the book’s message was in perfect union with the general utopic ideal shared within the counter-cultures of the time. The fable’s first release was in 1972. Richard Bach’s describes vast sceneries allowing the imagery of a Seagull to guide his vision beyond his limits. The childish behavior of the demanding seagull in pursuit to find his place is at times naively arrogant towards the natural inclination of his own species. Yet, through the means of discovery, he follows  unconditional love reminding us that everyone has the right to strive beyond one’s personal precieved barriers at their own extent. The tale seems to boast the need to break the rules, and this can bring up more reasons to think depending what direction of the eytmology of the word one partakes. I can not help add that the sense of our limits is a matter of truthful dialoge, and understanding.

Richard David Bach (June 23, 1936), a popular author of the 1970’s, had a knack  for aviation. He  served in The United States Navy Reserve and the New Jersey Air National Guard. A soundtrack for the film Jonathan Livington Seagull was produced by Neil Diamond.  The same film was adapted from the above tale.


“We are all special cases.”
— Albert Camus

There are books that are similar to a bouquet of flowers. When a person holds one within his or her hands, it is not a suprise to feel uplifted by the budding of each page. Like a moderate bloom, whose core is able to touch one of the many significant emotions that pertain to human existence, I adore strolling down the street and recieving the praise from the bystanders that see me with whatever novel is in my hand. To walk while reading brings me much sympathy, especially from elderly women who stop and who pay compliments to me from time to time. They don’t suspect that this odd habit of mine (that started  four years ago) was once a coping skill. Now the case is much different; to read slowly while walking is my way of cultivating peace.

Flour and Water.

An attempt at making bread.

Eat healthy.


Love a lot.

Everyone starts the New Year with their own sense of mission.

Mine? I want to start making my own bread.

My first attempt: rye flatbread.

Flour, and water are the essentials needed along one’s personal choice of spices. Measure, knead, roll-out, and then cook.  Add lots of colors by choping up a lot of vegetables.

Make your own bread to get a true sense of luxury.

2019 will be fantastic everyone!


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