The Principle of Blue.


On contrary to reason and the limits of an individual’s understanding there is no frame of eyes immune to the brilliance that pertains to nature’s wholesome experience. The sky’s forever presence guides our vision. Despite the hour’s filter, his vest is consistently blue. Similar to the prince of every tale, the wild blue yonder is a mirrored attempt of expression. Even the most distracted fellow can not resist peace. The call of nature goes beyond the irritations of mere limbic strife. To lay on a bed of grass and to bathe between each ray is part of the pleasures of any artist’s canvas. Letting go is one of the strengths of natural-born wanderers. No outfit, cunning vice, and false comforts can distract Him. She wants to be free. Beauty is an inspiration for a harmonious interaction. Virtues bring upon ideals of the deepest. Truth is everything.

A Fact: The complimentary color of blue is orange.



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