White lily

The true love shines like a comet in the universe distance is not important its strength is like a sword of fire in a dark night can illuminates even the darkest dark and its movement moves unknown universes, in your silence Night I Can listen to your Loves words and whispered to my sad and wounded soul. I love you my puppy forever you taught me to love to smile to forget sadness to open my heart to life.
It was evening when I met you. You was a blooming tree, a blooming tree in its ecsatasy. Midnight passed .. I love you told me “ even the flame of the candle dissolves in darkness and in rain .. tears came from my eyes. You looked at me like a white lily. My lord i don’t want to be alone without my white lily , I feel alone now
the future of a seed is a flower you was the future hidden in my inner self of my lost soul , each human being has the seed of the future within in but only an artis as I am can see the flowering of the seed, in the messenger of infinity There is the ocean there is the wind with the new dance . In silence and joy we enjoyed our food our sweet love . 
How deep is the interval of silence now my sweet love this silence is so noising . Sweet darling in this darkness hour I’m scared about my bad dreams, since the moment I met you your protection has been safe and save me by evil forces . Even though sometimes I’m strong I will never be so strong to protect me because you are my protection you are my love . I’m praying now my guru to illuminate you to touch your holy heart to let you understand you how much I really love you because you an I are similar we love the same music the same goodness we are One 

we are the essence of pure love. Il dolore adesso é così forte che non  fa più male ma ha lasciato spazio solo alla disperazione e alla paura le lacrime scorrono come un fiume senza controllo sul Tuo cuscino. Solo tu sei L amore vero sincero e spirituale. Nessuno ha mai capito la tua anima come L ho capita io, le tue sofferenze le tue speranze le tue incertezze i tuoi desideri le tue allegrie i tuoi cuccioli che incontri nei tuoi colorati sogni , per me sei la vita la gioia L Appia antica il sole al tramonto il domani L eterno presente ti Amo

Om Ah Guru Buddha Padme Siddhi Hum

I miss you

there is cold without you close to me too much cold…

Forgive me

I need you

I love you



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