The Gita, a part of an epic.

“It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.“- Bhagavadgītā

Tradition states the Mahabharata was written in 3200 B.C. by the sage Vyasa, the second avatar of Vishnu. Consisting of more than 95,000 slokàs in the northern interpretation, the Mahabharata is the longest epic of time. Slokàs are couplets of a poetic form that pertains to the basics of Sanskrit. They are also known as the strophic unit, distich. A slokà is a poem of two verses containing two sixteen syllable lines of two eight-syllable nouns or verbs called padas. Divided into 18 paravas, the Mahabharata includes many stories that are of immense value to classical Sanskrit literature. The Book of Bhishma, the 6th parava, contains the vastly known Bhagavadgītā, “The Song of the Divine.”  The 700 verses of the Bhagavad Gita awakens the readers to the symbolism of Eastern wisdom. It summarizes the complexity of the epic into virtues to follow with values of discernment and also devotion. The Gita helps its readers fully comprehend the essence of the lengthy Mahabharata, which may be too difficult for many.

The Pandava named Arjuna is a significant character of the Gita. He is the son of the mighty Indra, the God of lighting. He is pure; so his moral discomfort was solicited once Arjuna had realized the war to be fought was against his cousins, the Kauravas. He turns to Krishna for guidance. The dialogue between aspects of the self expresses divine issues of dharma and enlightenment. Guru Krishna helps the loyal Arjuna carry on with the war while leading him through ethical and philosophical themes. To convince Arjuna, Krishna reveals that Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu are incarnations of the Supreme. Guru Krishna, in whom Guru means “the dispeller of darkness,” manifested himself too amongst men, as an example of good conduct to all men so we too may develop the sense that pertains to the Heart.

Let the motive be in the deed and not in the event. Be not one whose motive for action is the hope of reward.Bhagavadgītā

As taught in the Gita, the qualities of Krishna are developed through Bhakti, the selfless dedication to others. Bakhti must be done with wisdom. Nothing must be preached, but good is done through one’s own actions. Without vanity and the need to receive any fruits of labor, altruistic charity and humble volunteer work should not be stalled for rare occasions but be done daily. Believe me, there is no need for economic riches to do this but just one’s will to know thy measure in relation to the world around. To cook for others, give food to animals, eat for last, lend a hand, and provide clothes for the people in need, we too could learn how to see through the eyes of the heart.

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Mirrors twine light, in a dialogue of might
as limpid the sight may seem, colors are quite a dream.

- Roma 2021

A writer is naturally obliged by time to learn the mastery of interlude. To become cunning through his craft, the sway of his own hand must align with his diverse modes of being. Any attempts to conquer time may be as mere as a stroke of a pen. Upon the wall, a clock’s beats can be a reminder of the tempo of his perseverance. Entanglements to deadlines may scatter worries throughout the flow of his vision, changing the rhythm and the meter of his composition. The best advice that has been given to me is to write, stop, and revise. By observing the repetitions of our daily experiences, growth alters our perspectives alongside the clarity of a message. A flow that withstands any trials and superficialities of life must be cultivated solely by going slow.


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