Water retains memory.

An inclination to favor a singular season in preference to another does not partake in the wise modes of predilection. For how aesthetic a quadrant of the year maybe, a shift of being evolves with the globe’s moonly nodes. The coalescence essence, similar to the intersection of summer pines to whom scent wanes into that of an autumn harvest’s dew, gives us a serene reminder that life has cycles. We mature and ripe in a similar manner that water retains memory. Providing structure and form even to little details, an element like water reminds us of the forces of cohesion whose humble nature binds all that is deep, like the sea of frail emotions that pertains to each of us.

The twining of tree limbs and the gentle showers of leaves participate in the unravelment of autumn’s mystique. Air becomes crisp, and one’s thoughts also mimic that of a doctor on unique occasions. Searching for remedies to contrast the cold, instinctively, we bundle ourselves in the warmth of attire, wool blankets, and a well-heated home. The interchanging colors that shimmer outside where the birds have begun to migrate blend quite well with honey dwelling in a mug full of brew. Some melancholy may blend into the outline of shadows, that remain hidden in any backdrop where the sun shines less. Yet, this isn’t a problem for any healthy individual who understands the importance of a positive attitude, for she will find inner gratification no matter how many rays pertain to a day. Each uplifting thought to which goes against the ease of being indolent, creates light’s fire within the mind. Intelligence may help us evolve aligning ourselves to the seasons.


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